The MagneFlow Logger is my go-to tool when performing conservation audits for our customers. The device is easy to deploy and install due to its size, and the amount of data it collects is amazing. We use a 9-volt battery to power the loggers so we don’t have to worry about recharging a battery or the battery losing its life span.

We typically leave the logger on for 7 days, to get the full spectrum of a customer’s water uses. With the device reading in 10 second intervals, we can detect the smallest consumption of water the customer uses. We have been able to identify anything from an intermittent toilet leak due to a faulty valve to service line leaks for our customers.

The MagneFlow software program makes it very simple to generate a report for our customers and we can view consumption by day, hour, or minute with little to no effort.

We also use the MagneFlow Loggers when a customer disputes the consumption on their meter. Since deploying the devices in April of 2021, no customer dispute has escalated to a review board, since generating the detailed reports collected from the logger monitoring. Without this device, conservation audits were 10 times harder. I plan on using the MagneFlow Logger every opportunity I get for the foreseeable future.

Delaney Cosgrove, Water Quality Specialist, City of Fullerton

I have been using the MagneFlow data logger since September 2019. I have found the logger to have several excellent features. It is very light weight and compact. Its sensor is integrated into the logger so there are no cables or connections to accommodate the sensor/logger configuration. They are integrated into a single small body. The logger straps onto the register which is typically at the top of the meter pit. This minimizes the chances of it being submerged by rainfall or irrigation run-off.

The logger is powered by an external battery so that it is easy to replace, as opposed to loggers with internal batteries that require disassembling the logger to replace them. There is enough memory in the logger to record several months of data, even at 10 second intervals, which is the one we normally use. The power draw of the logger is low, so a standard 9V battery can power it for several weeks, up to three months.

We have found the MagneFlow logger to be highly reliable and have not experienced any failures to record data. Finally, the data that it records is very clean, and has little noise, which is important for the type of end use analyses we perform.

We anticipate using this logger in future water demand studies and would recommend it to others.

Bill de Oreo, President of AquaCraft
Bill has authored several major end use studies of residential demand, including EPA-funded studies in urban areas across North America.

Over the past 20 years, I have performed hundreds of water audits on commercial, institutional and multi-family water customers.  One of my main tools is meter loggers.  I started using the MagneFlow meter loggers last fall and have found them to be unmatched in terms of reliability and ease of use.  Their advantages include:

– They are small and light, easy to transport, and easy to install.
– I don’t have to worry about positioning or orienting an external sensor – they auto-calibrate.
– They have plenty of memory – I can deploy them multiple times before downloading the data.
– The software shows traces of the logged meter flows whatever time interval I need.

Most of the time, I deploy them for 24 hours to a few days. But it’s good to know I can deploy them for months at a time if needed. And I can deploy them anywhere, on all sizes and brands of meters, from ¾ inch to 6 inch, including compound meters (two loggers required).

I also appreciate that they work with multiple types of standard batteries – no more hassles with internal lead acid or proprietary batteries.

All this, and affordable.  It cost me less to buy these than I used to pay to have my old loggers regularly repaired.

Roger E. van Gelder

I found that MagneFlow loggers are easy to physically install on meters. They are very durable and withstood the conditions that we tested in over the past year.  The software is also easy to install and easy to work with.

The breadth of data collected by this logger is amazing and the insights that were discovered greatly contributed to our Water Efficiency program.

I would confidently recommend investing in these loggers for your system at the price point and with the help and support from the Monsoon Metrics team.

Aaron Adachi, Water Efficiency Technician
Medford Water, Medford OR