Monsoon Metrics

Monsoon Metrics’ mission is to develop, test, and produce field instrumentation for water providers and environmental professionals. We integrate field experience, exceptional software and firmware, and robust hardware design to produce products that are accurate, reliable, durable, and easy to use.

Meet our team

Gary Woodard is Monsoon Metric’s managing partner, responsible for defining and evaluating logger functionality, field testing, and sales. He has addressed municipal water demand issues for 40 years, as a researcher and consultant. He began using meter loggers 25 years ago to evaluate water conservation programs. Today, his firm Water Resources Consulting deploys MagneFlow loggers as part of water efficiency audits and end use studies for municipal water providers across the Southwest.

Tim Valenzuela is Monsoon Metric’s software developer and is responsible for its software for Windows devices as well as the logger’s firmware. He has 20 years of experience developing systems software, websites, smartphone apps, and interactive exhibits. Clients include universities, science centers and museums, and telecommunications companies.

Jonathan Katz is Monsoon Metric’s lead hardware developer, responsible for electrical and mechanical design of the MagneFlow logger and related sensor products and accessories. He has 15 years experience developing electronic and embedded systems that need to work reliably in many types of difficult operating environments.