Monsoon Metrics offers several options for acquiring MagneFlow meter loggers.  You can buy, lease, or lease to buy.  Take advantage of quantity discounts, for either buying or leasing.  Choose among battery options, depending on how long you want to deploy them.

Regardless of your choices, know that MagneFlow products are built to withstand harsh conditions.  Our loggers are sealed and potted, and the AA and Li-ion cases meet the IP68 waterproof standard.

Purchasing MagneFlow 3X Loggers

Prices start at $995 for one MagneFlow logger. This includes the logger, software, a USB communications adapter to connect the logger to Windows devices, and a power cable. Contact us for quantity pricing, and for details and pricing on other power cable and waterproof battery case options.

Leasing MagneFlow Loggers

MagneFlow loggers can also be leased. A one-month lease for a single logger is $200, and a 6-month
lease is $400. For terms on other lease periods and quantity discounts, contact us.
If you lease MagneFlow loggers and then decide to buy them, the lease payment can be applied towards
the purchase price.

Powering MagneFlow Loggers

MagneFlow loggers are extremely power-efficient, and can be deployed for over 2 months on a single 9V battery, or for several months with the standard 4-AA battery pack. Options for longer deployments include rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Charge capacities for different battery options are found here. Contact us for more information.