water meter loggers

Accurate, Affordable, Reliable Water Meter Logging

MagneFlow loggers use a 3-axis magnetometer to detect flow through water meters and record it at a resolution of tenths of a second, and hundredths of a gallon (liter) precision.  Flow traces can be viewed and analyzed with the included software. They can also be exported in CSV, Excel, TraceWizard and other formats in whatever frequency you need, from one second to hourly, and anything in-between.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, our logger’s low-power design and large memory mean it can be deployed for months using a single 9V battery, or for over a year with rechargeable waterproof battery packs.

Made in the USA

Our meter loggers are designed, developed and assembled in Tucson, Arizona.  They have been field tested extensively, in the harsh summer heat of the Sonoran Desert, and the bitter winter cold of the east slope of the Rockies. They have also withstood lengthy submersion and mud-filled meter boxes during monsoon deployments. MagneFlow loggers have been used in conservation programs and demand studies across the Southwest.