Water Provider Customer Support

MagneFlow meter loggers help water provider staff address concerns and complaints of customers, many of whom are convinced they are being over-billed for water.  Single-day deployments generally reveal the cause of excess water use – whether it’s a continuous leak, an intermittent toilet flapper leak, or a mis-programmed irrigation controller.  Users include Tucson Water, Fullerton Water and others.

Residential End Use Studies

Determining the best opportunities for water conservation efforts requires a comprehensive understanding of the end uses of water.  MagneFlow loggers are being used in an ongoing study for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in cooperation with Fullerton Water.  Two-week deployments on single family residential meters revealed types and frequencies of indoor water uses, while six-week deployments disclosed patterns of landscape irrigation.  MagneFlow loggers are also being used to identify irrigation practices at multi-family housing complexes.

Water Conservation Staff Training

Intensifying drought and dropping reservoir levels in the Southwest have increased interest in conservation efforts.  One area of renewed focus is training and equipping conservation staff to perform water audits of small and moderate sized multi-family and commercial customers.  Training includes providing water auditors with meter loggers and conductivity meters, and instruction on how to use them.

CII Water Efficiency Audits

Our meter loggers help commercial, institutional and industrial (CII) customers increase their water use efficiency through water audits.  The loggers typically are deployed, for a day to a week, on the main domestic and irrigation water meters, plus any submeters on cooling tower, boiler, or swimming pool feed lines.  Hundreds of CII audits have been performed for providers including Scottsdale Water and Tucson Water.

Conservation Potential in HOA Common Areas

MagneFlow loggers are used to analyze water conservation potential and to identify leaks in an ongoing study of Home Owner Association common areas.  The water audits begin with a two-week deployment of loggers and remote sensing analysis, to determine which HOA customers have low irrigation efficiencies.  Funded by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, additional support has been provided by the Central Arizona Project and several municipal water providers.


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